When a New York City financial executive renovated her new apartment, she had to look no further than her home town hamburger joint for the right art.

“I had been searching galleries during the renovation for the right piece of art for this space but nothing was really resonating. One day I was back home visiting my mother and I popped into All American for a burger. This place has been open for almost 55 years and we used to go as kids. When they handed me my order, I looked at the bag and I knew. I called Shana that afternoon."

Making this photograph was good clean fun. It’s the shower head that hung in Denise Rubino’s childhood home on Long Island for 30 years. She took it when her family moved and has managed to hang it in every single one of her New York City apartments to date. (This includes a stint where she moved away to Seattle for six years and returned to the same apartment by chance, finding the head still in the shower.) She recently moved into a renovated modern space where the pipes wouldn’t support the weight of the vintage steel head. With the help of The Heirloomist, she found a way to hang it in the bathroom anyway.

Making your stuff look cool is our jam. Pictured is a music executive’s old t-shirt collection. His wife sent them to us with a note basically saying “do your thing”. So we got inspired by the shape of a record and captured the shirts in all their worn, torn glory. The framed print hangs in his California office.

Adam’s wife is a trend forecaster who consults for top fashion and home decor brands. He admits he had no idea what to buy her for her 40th birthday. So he made her something instead-- a 5ft tall portrait of her grandfather's beloved binoculars. 

"They're so symbolic," said Adam. "My wife has made a career of seeing what's on the horizon."

Peter Holden is an accountant at a large New York City accounting firm. He was recently promoted so as a gift for his new corner office, his wife had one of his prize possessions photographed. “To make sure he remembers where he came from,” she told us.
Pictured here is Peter's grandfather's adding machine from 1930. Fittingly, he was an accountant too.

Picture it. You’re about to marry the man of your dreams. You’re knee deep in wedding plans. Your entire family will be traveling from the New York area and his….New Zealand. What’s a girl to do? Palm Springs, of course.

Jodi and Guy Gresham were married in the geographical middle of both their family and friends. That spot was the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs, CA. The bride, a Fashion Publicist and Marketing Strategist from NYC, sparred no detail. Including the string quartet that played Coldplay as she walked down the aisle.

Years after their glamorous wedding weekend, The Greshams have a few new additions in their lives: a new home, puppy, and oh…TWINS. The Viceroy Hotel even has a new name. But that didn’t stop us from having a supply of their old matchboxes on hand.

This 4ft photograph now hangs in the Gresham’s kitchen. They just celebrated their 5th anniversary.