A Selected Notable Black Label Collaboration

This image has become an iconic calling card for The Bob Woodruff Foundation's "Stand For Heroes" organization which is designed to ensure veterans of all wars have the lasting support and resources they deserve for years to come. 

These combat boots belong to ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff. He was wearing them when he was hit by a roadside bomb reporting from Iraq in 2005.

The boots were sent to Bob’s wife, Lee, from a military emergency room in a plastic bag with Bob’s watch, helmet, and wallet. Lee couldn't bear to look at them while Bob’s survival was in question so they sat in the garage of their family home for 10 years. During that time, Bob and the family endured countless surgeries and setbacks from his traumatic brain injury. Eventually, Bob made a miraculous recovery.

Every year, the family celebrates the people and spirit that kept Bob pointed towards recovery. Especially those in the US military that cared for the Woodruff family like one of their own. They call this day his “Alive Day”. The Heirloomist worked with Lee, Bob’s wife, to make this picture for Bob’s 10 Alive Day. She was finally able to face the bag of his belongings in the garage after all those years. 

For Brands 

All brands have a story. The Heirloomist celebrates brand heritage. The Heirloomist Black Label integrates The Heirloomist’s over ten years of experience as a known entity in the commerical photography space with her passion and wildly artists side.
She works alongside brand managers, creative directors, and marketing executives to execute a brand’s vision on deadline.

Image use cases include social media content, brand anniversary/heritage celebrations, advertising images, and in-house tribute art.
Pictured is the first prototype of Smith’s Overalls commissioned for the company’s founder.

For  Interior Designers and Private Commissions

There’s a pretty good story as to why these red tennis shoes went from back-of-the-closet to fine art on the wall. Chicago based design firm MM Design Consultants commissioned the symbolic photograph for the entry way to their client’s Lakeshore Drive home. “It’s a love story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl leaves tennies behind, years later, boy and girl find each other again and tucked away in his closet... are the tennies. A modern day Cinderella story. And yes- they lived happily ever after,” said firm co-founder Leslie Martin. We worked with Leslie on this large scale print designed to match other design elements. The art, the story, and the family were recently featured on CBS This Morning.

Projects falling under Black Label service can include conceptualized art requiring one-on-one collaboration, custom papers and sizing, large scale printing, and framed art delivered to your doorstep. We also work closely with interior designers to ensure their one-of-a-kind art perfectly matches the planned decor of their client’s spaces. During black label service, we can also bring the photoshoot to you if necessary.