"Shana Novak, a photographer and insightful creative, recognizes how deeply personal artifacts define us, and reflect our nature to seek connection through the physical world. Her commissioned portraits are realized through elaborate photo shoots, each artfully produced to evoke the object’s essence. Her creative process begins with the stories behind each item – including memories, relationships, and experiences. Then using strategic lighting, and inspired positioning, Novak conjures the heirloom’s true spirit and captures it on film to preserve for generations to come. Shana Novak works under the moniker The Heirloomist out of her New York City studio."

-The Fuller Museum

About the Artist:
Shana Novak is an established commercial still life photographer who splits her time between New York City and East Hampton, NY. She collaborates with brands such as Bloomingdale's and Proctor&Gamble and has appeared in publications such as Time, Rolling Stone, and The New Yorker.  
As The Heirloomist, Novak's strong commercial background gets an artistic twist. The result is a visual and thoughtful celebration of the stories and things that make us who we are as communicated through the same bold imagery she creates for commercial clients.
In 2018, she was named Country Living magazine's "Top 100 Creative". 
In 2019, she was featured in a segment on CBS This Morning. 
In the winter of 2020, she will publish her first book. 

The Heirloomist Black Label is a convergence of art and commerce.

As The Heirloomist, still life photographer Shana Novak is known for bold photographs designed to celebrate the artifacts of the past that symbolize our modern day lives. The Heirloomist Black Label combines Novak's artful vision with added resources and production for commercial projects, custom installations, and large scale bespoke prints.